Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Free New Books Online, Including Paulo Coehlo

Interesting play by Harpercollins, who is offering some books online for free. Those included are:

"The Witch of Portobello" by Paulo Coelho;
"Mission: Cook! My Life, My Recipes and Making the Impossible Easy" by Robert Irvine (Food Network star);
"I Dream in Blue: Life, Death and the New York Giants" by Roger Director;
"The Undecided Voter's Guide to the Next President: Who the Candidates Are, Where They Come from and How You Can Choose" by Mark Halperin;
"Warriors: Into the Wild," the first volume in a children's series by Erin Hunter.

They cannot be downloaded, printed out and are only available for one month.

More info via Mashable

Friday, February 08, 2008

New Music: Ayo

Somewhere between the neosoul and caribbean silkyness of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu lies Ayo. I came accross her video this week and have fallen hard for her sound. You will too:

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Literanista Does Fashion Week in NYC

A couple of years ago, I was asked by my dear friends to write for their little fashion blog. One that now is a huge hit and grown into a prosperous website, Papierdoll

Last night, they had a huge fashion week pool party at Hotel HQ in collaboration with Second City Style and projekt:nyc. Now not only was the sweet sparkling liquor, Nuvo tasty but also on the house, which made even better. It was fantastic to mingle poolside with talented photographers, beautiful models and witty stylists as well as old friends.

The absolute coolest part, I have to admit was the free schwag. I love freebies, especially a cache like this one. I got a dark grey RUSK laptop bag filled with a Philips GoGear Audio Video Player, a sunless tanner kit, a makeup kit, Rusk hair products, a CD, nail polish and more!

The Philips GoGear Audio Player comes fresh off the CES 08 shelves and is so cool.

It will be available at the end of March 2008 and offers:
20 hours of music playback Drag and drop songs, no special software needed "plug and play" The whole clear crystal front is the navigation button 4 lines of text on the OLEDFM radio Rechargeable via USB2 GB memory

I really need to go out more often! I will post pics soon.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Daniel Alarcón and Alex Espinoza

Daniel Alarcón and Alex Espinoza by Gabriela Jauregui

Gabriela Jauregui talks with Daniel Alarcón and Alex Espinoza, born in Lima and Tijuana, respectively, about how their daring recent novels cross the language barrier, the history/fiction divide, and Icarus’s fall. >>>

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yes, We Can! Vote!

New York in da house!

It may be gray and muggy out today but spirits are high in the city as we celebrate the homecoming of the victorious NY Giants and tackle the NY State Presidential Primary.

Here's a little inspirational music:

Now go out and vote!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Get your read on: Celebrate! The Nat'l African American Read-In

Hispanics are proud of their African roots, what better way to honor our ancestors than to check out some fantastic and cultural lit!

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