Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Consensus: No, Tell Me How You Really Feel

The other day someone told me that process of getting married is really an act of learning how to mediate consensus. Herein lays my dilemma: I've always been very flexible, open to all ideas, very passive I guess but this is one milestone, it's just not working for me...

See, readers, I really like this handmade wedding topper, however my SO doesn't get it at all. Also, I'm being bombarded with ideas about what would be cool or what I "should" do. And, while I am easily swayed, I've also sworn to stand my ground on certain things. I thought I would open this one up to you all.

My dear hubby-to-be doesn't know what "steampunk" is, perhaps doesn't even care, and well, just doesn't get it. I was pondering skipping the cake topper all together as most of them are purely fug, cheesy and corny. But I like this one (hate the pricetag though).

What do you make of it? Did you use one at your wedding?

I would love to hear your thoughts and advice. Take the poll or leave your comments below.

Steampunk Robot Wedding Cake Topper free polls 


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