Tuesday, March 06, 2012

New Book: The Second Time We Met by Leila Cobo

Executive Director of Latin Content & Programming for Billboard, Leila Cobo's second novel is out. It's called    
The Second Time We Met. Leila Cobo is one of those amazing people who rocks at everything: She's a Fulbright scholar, an accomplished pianist and mom, a contributor to NPR, and the Cali native is also the host of the television show Estudio Billboard. I loved Tell Me Something True and I'm not just saying that, being her former publicist.

The Second Time We Met - Adored and nurtured by his adoptive parents in California, Asher Stone has moved effortlessly through a nearly perfect life. He is on the verge of a professional soccer career-when a car accident throws his future into doubt. Suddenly, Asher begins to wonder about his past, and about the girl who gave him up for adoption in Colombia two decades ago. And so begins his search for a woman named Rita Ortiz.

From the teeming streets of Bogata to a tiny orphanage tucked into a hillside, Asher untangles the mystery of Rita's identity, her abrupt disappearance from her home, and the winding journey that followed. But as Asher comes closer to finding Rita, his own parents are faced with fears and doubts. And Rita must soon make her own momentous choice: stay hidden in her hard-earned new life, or meet the secret son who will bring painful memories-or the promise of a new beginning . . .

You can read Leila's blog here, follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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