Saturday, July 09, 2011

Lit Links & Scoops

Why we forget books we've read before

Yearning for Cultural Mainstream: I read about 35 books per year, mostly best-sellers, and know from experience that the overwhelming majority of non-Latino authors usually don't include Latinos in their stories.

Summer Reading Mega List Sailors and cats

Pushing Boundaries, Mixed-Race Artists Gain Notice

Reading Shakespeare actually changes the pathways in your brain - making your smarter

Urban Lit for teens: The Bluford Series

Franzen goes exotic: the Indian woman and the Great American Novelist

Can't help but laugh at Better Book Titles (NSFW!)

Practical tips on writing a book from 23 great authors.

Dragonfly Love

Love this list of 10 Diverse Sci-Fi Authors You Should Know

The food war has begun:
Oak Park Woman Faces 93-Days in Jail For Planting Vegetable Garden in her Front Yard
Arrested for feeding the homeless

* Photo via VItostreet

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