Thursday, September 23, 2010

#LATISM party tonite: Our Latino Literary Tradition 9PM-11PM ET

There are very few experiences quite as enriching as losing yourself within the pages of a book. Reading inspires, educates, empowers, entertains, touches the soul, sparks the imagination and opens the door to a world of soul-enhancing rewards.

Be it Mexican-American/Chicano, Cuban, Argentinian… Latino authors from every nationality continue to cross boundaries and experiment with language furthering our rich and complex literary tradition that dates back many centuries.

At tonight’s party, we’ll be talking about the rich variety of books authored by Latinos that are available, in both English and Spanish, our Latino literary tradition, your favorite books [Latino or non-Latino], and the ways we can help create a life-long love of reading in our young ones.
We’ll also discuss how publishers are embracing the digital world, traditional books vs. E-books and the future of the publishing industry.

As you know, part of our mission at #latism is to promote reading among Latinos in their communities, and to raise awareness about the richness of our culture. So as a member of our thriving #latism community, we’d like you to help us shape a Latino book drive program and its implementation. Your ideas are welcome and details will be discussed during the party.

As a reward for your support of all things #latism, we’ll also be raffling a brand-new Kindle to a lucky winner!!

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