Monday, March 29, 2010

News & Web Stuff

- I'll be attending the Brite '10 Conference this week, you can follow via #Brite10

A Look at the Bookstores of Mexico City

- Boo hiss: NPR's Abortion Language Change

- Gowalla really needs a Blackberry app, until then #Fail. What the use of sharing if your friends aren't on the site?

Watch The Story of Bottled Water

- I'm seeing a trend of blogs and website with no email contact info at all. In fact, I'm seeing a new movement toward forms (especially formspring) and twitter or facebook. Another #Fail. Sometimes nothing beats an email (nice personal note) loaded with info. Twitter or email doesn't ever measure up and hell, naw, I'm not filling out your form. Sorry!

Oliver Stone's South of the Border, coming in June.

- Twitter's #1b1t (one book, one twitter) movement

- Squatters Rights for Sterilization? What are your thoughts?

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