Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Book Trailers Coming to a Bus and Mall Near You

I am one of those people who actually likes watching the previews before the movie starts. I tend to get a little riled up if we run late and miss some of the trailers. When I discovered book trailers, I was fascinated.

Now, I've learned that book trailers have been running on digital billboards operated by Adspace Networks in 105 malls in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston and 35 other cities.

In addition, Transit Television Network, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, the largest out-of-home digital network that provides information, entertainment and advertising to transit riders across North America, offers book trailers on buses. Transit TV has flat screen televisions on its buses in five major cities; Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando and Milwaukee. Very cool, no?

[UPDATE: Well, actually, no - it seems Transit Television shuttered it doors in February via www.sixteen-nine.net and the article I based this news on was from january '09. Too bad, it seemed like an obviously good idea. Perhaps someone will bring these back...]

Imagine a world where after viewing a book trailer at a kiosk in the airport or mall you could walk into bookstore and order it or print it from an Espresso Book Machine or after watching a book trailer on your commute home whether on the train, bus, a cab, or an airplane you just turn on your ereader, go online, purchase it, download it and begin reading right away. How does that sound?

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  1. Great post! Digital billboards, transit tv and even movie theaters are known as out-of-home-advertising.
    COS Productions, which I own, started playing book trailers in movie theaters back in 2004 and that has proven to be successful for certain types of campaigns.
    We started doing the in-mall digital billboards in 2007. One thing to note is that you can choose exactly which billboard you want. You can tell them you only want it to play near a bookstore. So instead of playing on all screens 10 times a day, you can play them on strategic screens 30 times a day for the same money.
    Transit TV went bankrupt which is very sad since we were the only company putting book trailers there and were getting 10 million views per video per week. We had a contract with them and have been contacted recently about what's going on there and we hope to hear whether or not it has sold soon. And of course we hope the new owners will honor the established contracts.
    Now, we offer book trailers on the iPhone and iPod touch with the Stanza eReader program. So the new target is portable players and mobile phones.
    There's some new technology that will be released in 2010 that will open up an incredible opportunity for book trailers. It's an amazing time for all of us!


  2. I like this idea. Until it is a reality you can view some video book trailers at www.authorsbroadcast.com


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