Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dental Nightmare

My younger brother calls me today and tells me he had to leave work because his teeth were really hurting him - it turns out he has 11 cavities! 11 cavities! 11 cavities since his last dentist visit last year! I mean was this kid churning sugar all night long with his chompers? Simply outrageous!

Anyway, speaking of upkeep, don't forget people - tomorrow is the last day to register to vote in the election on Nov. 4th. You can register here: Don't let your voice go unheard and don't let this historic once in lifetime chance to get a minority in the White House, whether it's our first Black president or the first woman VP!

Some new books on the radar (noticed these today in my Nov. issue of O mag)

A Mercyby Toni Morrison
2666: A Novelby Roberto Bolano and Natasha Wimmer

Films I'm dying to see:

Miracle at St. Anna

Lately, Latina Magazine has been offering amazing recipes on their site. I usually get them in my inbox from the newsletter (but you can find them here: and I swear I salivate just reading the titles.

That's it for me tonight, hasta manana.


  1. Literanista, Are you kidding about your bro's teefuseses?

    There is a documentary called UK's Worst Teeth. Guaranteed, he won't let toothbrushing or flossing slide again.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your brother's teeth. I do IV conscious sedation for our oral surgery clinic and the saddest case I've monitored was edentulation for a National Guardman who was only 35 years old. We took out all 16 teeth he had left---broken off, cavity-laden, and rotted---so he could be fitted for dentures. At 35 years of age. It still makes me upset. He used to drink 2 liter bottles of pop a day. The acids in the soda soften the enamel, making them more susceptible to cavities. In addition, affordable dental insurance is very hard to come by.

  3. Yes, it's quite insane. I gave him a ton of advice - I suspect that it's the amount of sugar-ladden coffee he drinks. (He's 21, by the way)


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