Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Not a Lot of Civil Disobedience

I was told to work from home today by my boyfriend who has the inside scoop on NYC issues. Today Rev. Al Sharpton has planned a day of disobedience at 3pm at several locations all over the city and says they will shut the city down to protest the Sean Bell verdict.

It's still early and perhaps it's the quiet before the storm but as someone with an activist background, sort of hard to be a Hunter alumni and not be one - anyway, I've seen and heard nothing! No one I know is planning on going or getting involved. In one sense and I know this might anger some people - this is no Amadou_Diallo. I will never ever forget the day the verdict on that case came forth. It was raining heavily and I felt chills and then started crying for this innocent man whose name meant "beloved."

On to lighter topics: I saw this add today and it's interesting - get your books' weight in ...more books.

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