Monday, June 18, 2007

FREE book, Love Notes to Our Moms and Other Women of Influence

At all 3,478 Wal-Mart stores across America on Saturday, June 23 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., to teach, encourage and inspire women to take control of their health, and share what they learn with their loved ones.

Women attending the Speaking of Women’s Health Community Event, one of the largest single-day, free events focused on female health and wellness, will receive complimentary product samples from Speaking of Women’s Health’s national sponsors and a FREE book, Love Notes to Our Moms and Other Women of Influence.

The book includes letters from successful female leaders and celebrities such as Dr. Peeke, Florence Henderson, Mary Wilson, Chef LaLa, and Dottie Peoples. The book is filled with health, well-being and personal safety information, from baby care to menopause, exercise to nutrition, and allergies to heart disease.



  1. Anonymous1:35 PM


    I am very interested in additional copies of the Love Notes to Our Moms and Other Women of Influence. Every year we have an incoming freshman class of about 527 at my high school. The families are low income families of single parent homes. Most of our students are raised by mom, grandmother, an older sister, or an aunt. We would love to include the book volume 5 in our parent bags during our freshman orientation. Our Freshman Center would be greatly appreciated it if 350-375 copies would be donated to the Freshman Center at my high school. Please advise on the process required to secure more copies of the book and/or a contact number or address for the books distributed at Wal-marts on 6/23.

    Thanks A Million!

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