Thursday, February 22, 2007

44 Degrees: It's Almost Spring!!!

So for a frozen New Yorker like myself, the "warm" temperature yesterday and today, warm being ~45, has given me Spring fever and renewed hope. It's got me in good spirits.

So yesterday, I'm in the car with my lil' bro, who always keep it real and this song, This is Why I'm Hot, comes on.

I'm loving it, "I'm hot coz I'm fly (fly) You ain't coz you're not."

Now grammar aside, this is such a ghettofabulous and logically delicious statement, that it brings a smile to my face everytime I hear it. One more time...I'm fly & you ain't cause you're not! Sweet!

So earlier this week, I got my imported jeweled eardrops from Elecom, and they're okay as audio accessories however, they (annoyingly) don't stay in my ear. My auditory opening is too small, and they just don't stay in. So they look cute for all of 10 seconds in my ear before falling out. UGHH! What a pain!

Stay fly, mi gente!


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