Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trend Spotting & Innovation: Accelerating Accelerators

As lead strategist, editor and community manager for the Front End of Innovation, Foresight & Trends, The Market Research Event and Shopper Insights in Action, I follow innovation, paradigm shifts, and trends closely.

In the past couple of weeks I've noticed an acceleration of new funding projects pop up and some from a few surprising places:

Innovation (Photo : Seth1492)
> The Sustainable Corporation: Patagonia Announces $20 Million Eco Startup Fund via BusinessWeek

> The Beverage Brand: Coca-Cola is launching 9 accelerators via GigaOm

> The Agency, VC, Event Hybrid: R/GA and Techstars Launch “Connected Devices” Accelerator via TechCrunch

But meanwhile, Jerzy Gangi, offers his observations on how Silicon Valley has killed major innovation by funding services like Instagram but not Hyperloops. His exploration on how ideas don't get funded is very interesting and the whole thing is definitely worth reading.

However, it makes me wonder if innovation has come into its own and we're just starting to see the beginning of a major movement in which innovation is a common goal across sectors bigger than one revenue stream, corporation, or place.


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