Friday, September 16, 2011

Lit Links & Scoops

The Brooklyn Book Festival is this weekend! La Casa Azul Bookstore will be there with Las Comadres and  17 authors signing books at Booth #125!

I hope you can make it to my bookstore event on Monday with Justin Torres.

- This is what happens when social media makes you jaded - I totally feel what he is saying:
Replacing Culture with Polarity
Today, words are only as good as the clicks they attract.

I don’t have to write anything profound. I just have to write something catchy.

I don’t need to be right, or even to take a stand. I just need to be interesting enough to be momentarily quotable.

I don’t seek out well-reasoned responses or rational debate. I just want comments, likes and retweets, which prove that I still have a pulse. Via Are We the Generation That Destroyed the Concept of Communication
- While the title of this article was skewed toward sexist sensationalism, I really enjoyed reading it -
A Message to Women: You are not irrational, crazy, or sensitive

- I love Chris Brogan, he is a good guy who is always willing to help and he is passionate about what he does, so when he talks about drawing boundaries - I think people should listen:

Goodreads has launched a Netflix-like recommendation feature, while Amazon launches a netflix for ebooks (according to rumor).

- On freedom of press and social media, meanwhile in Mexico a gruesome message was set for bloggers and Twitterers on what happens to those who "snitch."

SAT Reading Scores Now Lowest Ever Since 1972

 LeVar Burton Bringing Back Reading Rainbow to a New Generation

Donate to the ‘40K in 40 days’ campaign and help us open La Casa Azul Bookstore in East Harlem.

40K in 40 days campaign, La Casa Azul Bookstore from Lucha Libros on Vimeo.


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