Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Poem Flow App from

Very nice: is proud to announce the launch of the Poem Flow app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, developed in creative collaboration with TextTelevision.

A veritable box of light with words and thought in fluid motion, Poem Flow is an entirely new way to experience poetry on a handheld screen. In Portrait view, each poem is presented in its traditional format; turned to Landscape, the poem literally flows over the screen.

Each day, a new poem becomes available to app subscribers, while those from previous days remain on the device, building the equivalent of an ever-expanding anthology of the best-loved poems in the English language. Historical trivia and contextual information, compiled by, are provided for each daily poem.

Leveraging geolocation detection and various sharing options, Poem Flow creates an instant community of simultaneous readers, noting when and where each poem was last read. Twitter, Facebook, and email allow Poem Flow to be spread across the web through, a free web extension of the Poem Flow app. Any poem in Poem Flow can be shared with anyone else, with or without an Apple device. The daily poems also appear on the homepage.

Unlike other poetry-specific apps for mobile devices, poems are presented on an elegant, clutter-free screen, in a readable font size, and once downloaded are available without an internet connection. Read poetry any time, anywhere—whether you're on a plane, underground, or otherwise out of range.

Forget the hassle of browsing or searching for the right poem: because the app opens directly to the day's poem, mobile readers with a free moment can immediately satisfy their curiosity and engage a fresh perspective.

Designed with poetry lovers in mind, special care was taken to consistently offer the correct formatting of poems. In Portrait view, the easy-to-read presentation allows the reader to savor the integrity of both the language and the linebreak; when flowing, readers enjoy a simple, graceful interface, adjustable to your individual pace. The simple, clear lines and gentle, crisp motions focus attention on the subtleties of language, enhancing involvement, understanding, and delight.

Poem Flow is a free download and includes 20 great poems and a full week of poem-of-the-day. Readers can subscribe to 3 months of poems (100) for $0.99, or a full year (365) for $2.99. A portion of the proceeds support the Academy of American Poets programs, including

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