Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Open Letter to the Monserrate Committee

State Senator Hiram Monserrate was very lucky to have been found guilty of only a misdemeanor for assault after slashing his girlfriend's face (he was acquitted on two felonies).

As a native born New Yorker, a woman, and a member of the Hispanic community, I find his crimes, thuggish actions, and deplorable attitude, disgusting and a disgrace to the Hispanic community, the Senate, and our state and since he refuses to resign after being formally convicted - he should be expelled.

An individual like him has no business in our government and/or representing any body of constituents.

Being a former Marine and New York City police officer, one would think that his "protect and serve" background would be a cornerstone of his ideals and actions, instead he only brings shame to all the instutions served by him by joining the 40% of police officer households who experience domestic violence (in 2001, 18,000 reported cases of spouse abuse occurred involving military personnel), only aiding in tipping the scales of justice via priviledge and patriarchy, through abuse of power, and the marginalization of women/victims.

Violence against women needs to be condemmed not condoned.

You can see a full list of those calling for him to removed here: Monserrate Must Resign

See the video:

"A this video released during the Hiram Monserrate assault trial the state senator violently dragging his girlfriend through the hallway of an apartment building after allegedly slashing her face with a broken glass.

In the video, Monserrate's girlfriend, Karla Giraldo, can be seen grabbing hold of a banister for support as he yanks her away. She then attempts to ring a neighbor's doorbell while clutching her bloody face before Monserrate again pulls her away. The gash required 20 stitches around the eye."

View more news videos at:


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