Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ethnic Characters in Books

I came across a really interesting post on White Authors, Ethnic Characters
via www.racialicious.co/ today that left me deep in thought and reflection. It reminded me a lot of issues of the Other and particpant-observer v. outside observer in anthropology.

What are your thoughts on this? <


  1. Anonymous9:48 PM

    excellent article. I read it before and agree with it. Don't even get me started. the publisher say there is a Latino Lit but it's written by white people. I like mysteries and you wouldn't believe how many books have Latino secondary characters of course they drink and womanize. And this is not a racial issue alone as some may say I am fantic. how about men who write from woman's POV and sell big. Women are stuck writing "cozy" mystery. We need to let NYC publisher know that we don't like this and won't buy their books. We want our own writing our stories. Go and read this article and think on it long.
    Jo Ann Hernandez


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