Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Consumption Gumption - Who you calling overweight?

I decided today to start a diet, just in time for summer. My goal is to be tan and about 30 lbs lighter by then. It seems that lately I've become tired of over consumption, on so many levels - too much materialism, pressure to buys 'things' and follow trends and look good and as my chico likes to kid - eat too well.

So yet another leaf turns...

Next I'm cleaning out the closet! And just when I declare this - Coach comes along and sticks it to me. I've been secretly coveting this hat:

For weeks, now I've walked by the Madison Avenue store and looked at it and thought - that hat would look so fabulous on me! But I didn't even have to look to know it would be outrageously priced and today I did, and of course it was. I have never really been a tag hag, especially Coach, which has become so cliche and ghetto fab that even the company has tried to make them just not worthy.

To top it off, today my best friend send me this set of Flickr pics Say Flickr
- that makes you stop as ask literally what's wrong with us. Some of the girls that are categorized as obese look like normal girls to me, healthy, a bit of the hefty side, but obese? NO!

So I'm trying to stop - no more living large for me (pun intended!)

* I also wanted to put this out there for those of you who remember the delight with which you discovered Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez' The Dirty Girls Social Club: A Novel. Was it just me or did she put ChicaLit on the map?

Anyway, she's come up with a creative way to promote her new book, Dirty Girls on Top. She is rounding up book lovers to host book parties across the nation and has gotten sponsors to donate goodies to the Dirty Girls Book Parties. Cute & fun, I think it will work, it's very similar in concept to Houseparty, who are currently promoting another party event catering to Hispanic community: Kraft De Mamá a Mamá.


  1. Fat and obese have more to do with a height/weight ratio than the visual appeal of ones body. I find myself feeling a little sloppy in the midsection and others look at me like I'm crazy. I tell them, "you don't see me naked. So you really couldn't comment."

    I think I'll write about fat next week.

    If purchasing the hat makes you feel good then go for it. But don't brake the bank for fashion. Love the blog. Miss you.

    Oh... Good Luck on the fitness. I know its tough. I've been trying to a few months now. Summer is approaching and I don't feel like I'm ready.


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