Tuesday, April 03, 2007

So Fresh, So Clean

So I cleaned yesterday!

I threw out a 2-foot stack of unread magazines, because I just don't have the time to read them anymore. I kept about 12-15 though and placed them in my cool PVC magazine holder that cost me all of $4.99 at the .99 store. I washed my hair, did my nails and then slowly went through my jeans, and found the lost pair amongst my sweaters. How it got into my sweaters, I will never know.

Then I did my jewelry, I found a couple of earrings I thought had left to the lost playground but sadly not my diamond earring!

I did however find my Diesel watch that I had forgotten about, went to bed early and...

Today I feel so fresh and so clean, clean!

Ain't nobody as dope as me...

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